Rainy Cabinet [disquiet0257] by Formant

This track was created for the Disquiet Junto #257.

More on this 257th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Remember Noisevember: Make some noise” — at:


For this I made a collage of some field recordings that I haven’t yet deleted off my little zoom recorder. Many are from around my house, some gathered from around town, and some from work recordings. A cabinet of sound curiosities, if you will.
I hope it’s at least somewhat interesting to listen to.

In order of appearance we have:
– Rain outside my bathroom window
– the leaky kitchen sink
– cell phone interference in my speakers that makes the back of my teeth itch
– crickets in Connecticut
– rain on the air conditioner
– bedroom door squeak
– breaths recorded for a dance project
– steam heater in the office
– wooden train whistle from a show
– bathroom fan in a restaurant
– light switch on a set
– squeaky pink pig bath toy from a show
– helicopter outside the office window
– nephew crying
– actors laughing



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