SIMILAR PROPERTIES REQUIRED [disquiet0257] by jmmy kpple

My intitial efforts felt to pleasant, not *noisy* enough; my affection for rumbles, drones &c &c, coming to the fore, right? So, whilst fumbling about through my SD card looking for raw material i came accross an extended and unintentional recording i’d made in my jacket last Thursday and figured that was a good place to start…

I hacked away at large sections of that recording looking to destabalise any rhythm – lot of walking, right – &/or intelligibility; silences were inserted, rough cuts made. I layered this up with seperate material before adding additional sources – drones i’d fabricated in Audiomulch, Mike’s flat’s door, popcorn eaten and dropped, the roller-shutter at the self-storage place, a more or less arbitrarily treated sinewave, and a s l o w e d earlier iteration of the final piece…

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