obverse mien (disquiet0257) by earthborn visions

My submission for this week’s disquiet junto project (0257 – Remember Noisevember): http://disquiet.com/2016/12/01/junto-0257/

I decided to use the image / diagram as a starting point.

My NOISE SOURCE came from four instances of Logic’s ES P synth (generating white noise) that were modulated gently (filter & pan) over the length of the track.

My INFORMATION SOURCE was Marc’s words in the brief for the project! I used P22 text-to-music (https://p22.com/musicfont/), scale quantised the midi output to D minor and then used this source for the bell / piano, bass and percussive sounds.

Some reversed chatter / noise from people talking was added for background interest.

Gentle EQ, compression and tape saturation was added on the master bus and the output was limited to -2dB.


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